2 Games That Are Perfect as a Team Building Exercise

Are you thinking about a team building session for the teams in your office? Have you just hired new people and you think a team building exercise would be the best way to break the ice? Of course, that’s the right thing to do if you want your teams to perform at their best. Until they have great relationship and understanding of each other, they can’t deliver the results you expect of them.

So, now that you are considering a team building exercise for them, here are 2 games that you can have them play.


It is an amazing game that you can play for many reasons. It is also a game that shows your team how well they are bonded. In this game, you ask one person to receive instructions from the other person. The other person then gives instructions to the first person for drawing a picture. They have the picture with them that they describe to them. You then give them score on the basis of how clearly they communicated the instructions and how well they received them.


It’s one of the best games you can play as a team or two teams. Keep in mind that there are certain games that can only be played between 2 people. Paintballing is amazing because you can have two teams playing it at the same time. Airsoft is another similar game but does require a little more understanding of the fake weapons used in it.

You have to understand what hurts more paintball or airsoft before you play any of these games. Some people might not be comfortable with the idea of getting hit at all, even if it’s only a small sting. Make sure you have everyone on the same page before you start playing.


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